Yes, I am female...Yes, I watch wrestling...Yes, I yell at the TV as if the wrestlers, announcers & officials hear me...Yes, I love wrestling!!! Diamonds are my best friends. So is my switch blade and my left hook. So choose your words wisely.

"I would go with my drinking partner, Dean Ambrose"

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"…Now when I get the opportunity to rearrange your face which I will."

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aj lee & the shield vs cm punk - so cold.

show me how it ends, it’s alright ,
show me how defenseless you really are.
satisfied and empty inside
well, that’s alright, lets give this another try.

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Jon Moxley (via littlewrestlingmark)

Really? Are you now? Well, God damn!

Who the hell is he anyway?He never really talks much
Never concerned with status but still leaving them star struck.

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