Yes, I am female...Yes, I watch wrestling...Yes, I yell at the TV as if the wrestlers, announcers & officials hear me...Yes, I love wrestling!!! Diamonds are my best friends. So is my switch blade and my left hook. So choose your words wisely.


Dean Ambrose // Raw: Aug. 18th, 2014 // Part 1


Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins.

WWE App vote - Falls Count Anywhere Match.

WWE Raw. - Monday August 18th 2014.

Part One.




I will always reblog this…

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Kurt Cobain (from lost interview tapes & the film About a Son)

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I was spanked all the time. My dad would, in social situations. When we were in restaurants, if I spilled a glass of water, he’d get me in a headlock and dig his knuckles into my head or smack me in the face. I never understood that, why a parent would be so embarrassed or so intimidated by what other people would think of you in a restaurant, just because your child spilled something on accident, to have to punish them for having an accident. That’s a weird psychological trick to play on a child because…I still put myself down and cuss myself out for knocking things over, I get really upset with myself because I’ve been conditioned to not spill things, don’t have accidents, don’t have human error. Everything’s supposed to be perfect at all times…Fuck him for that.

Without me you are nothing, without me you are just some babbling out of control lunatic destined for an insane asylum.   

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